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As a solopreneur staying on top of client work, as well as keeping your business running smoothly, is more than a full-time job. Developing business processes to improve efficiency is vital to my sanity and long-term viability. 17Hats fulfills this need nicely. Specifically, it allows me to create blueprints for workflows, projects, invoice customers, receive payments, perform lead capturing that can be integrated into your website or facebook page, and even some rudimentary bookkeeping. The three most important features for me are:

  • Project Lifecycles & Workflow Management
  • Contract Templates and Signing
  • Lead Capturing

Bottom line: 17Hats is useful to you if you have provide services that have common processes from project to project, allowing you to automate the process management. It provides efficiency and simplicity to all aspects of your business if set up right.

Incase Icon Pack

I often travel to conventions, seminars, or visit clients, and most of the time I bring my computer equipment with me (either to take notes, or for demo purposes). In the past I used a traditional laptop case with a shoulder strap. The problem I had was that it was unwieldy to carry around (especially while traveling) and put asymetrical strain on the back. This has been the only laptop case that addresses all my computer travel needs:

  • Backpack places very little strain on your back, and is very comfortable.
  • Has all the requisite compartments for tablets, laptops, books, and cables, with room to spare.
  • Accomodates iPad Pro 12" as well as Macbook Pro in separate padded compartments.
  • Has side-compartments for battery packs.
  • Has padded iPhone compartment.
  • Is generally weather resistant and well-built.

Bottom line: I highly recommend this if you have a lot of computer equipment you travel with and are comfortable wearing a backpack.

Apple 27" Retina iMac

Apple iMacs are some of the best desktop computers available. As a Mac user, these are my go-to devices for my daily use. It is important to think about your future usage requirements and plan on using your\ computer for about 5 years. (Any more than that, and you will run into software requirement issues.) With that in mind I purhased the higher-performing model with enough memory to future-proof it. Take the total cost of your new computer and divide it by 5. The resulting number should be a fairly manageable annual business expense that is well worth it.

Bottom line: if you're a professional that sits in front of the computer all day, you owe it to your eyes to invest in a great display, and to your patience to invest in a fast computer.