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We help professional genealogists’ brand and website align with their business goals by working smarter instead of harder.

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Design & Branding

Responsive techniques guide our design and development processes. They help ensure that things work well on all common screen sizes.

During the design process we develop and provide a branding style guide for your company.

Application Development

We take great care to hand-craft bespoke applications that meet your unique needs.

Our technology stack includes Laravel, Vue JS, and TailwindCSS. They underlie the development of most of our cross-platform solutions.

Hosting & Maintenance

Our goal is to take care of all technical aspects for you, allowing you to focus on running your business.

Furthermore, we deploy your application on the best infrastructure for the job.

Are we a good fit?

What We Excel At

Web Application Development

Our core business revolves around developing custom web applications. We also take on existing Laravel projects, and overhaul legacy PHP applications.

Full-Service Offerings

We take care of all technical aspects. You are the expert in your field, you should focus on that. We are experts in taking care of all technical aspects of your project. We are your development team and just an email or phone call away.

Hosting & Maintenance

Our specialized processes require that we manage our own server infrastructure. That also gives us direct control over performance and allows us to monitor it closely. We transfer your existing project, should you have one, to our infrastructure. That lets us optimize the setup to your project's requirements.

Things We Try To Avoid

Build & Forget

We won't leave you after completing a project. Instead, we feel we are partners in your project. Its success is as vital to us as it is to you. It is a priority for us to maintain your project after initial development is complete. We constantly check for issues to head off potential problems as soon as possible. We also update the underlying framework regularly with security patches and bug fixes. We will not leave you hanging once the project is complete.


We don't like working with Wordpress. While it is versatile, it is also a very brittle framework. It has a lot of overhead due to poorly developed themes and plugins, which are often poorly supported and buggy. This can lead to constant maintenance and bug fixing. We would rather develop code we can rely on.

3rd-Party or On-Premise Hosted Projects

In most cases we do not support web sites hosted with third parties or on-premise. As mentioned earlier, we need complete control of the server architecture in order to provide the best service we can.

Clients We Work With

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